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WRECKED 3.0:  A Haunting/Exorcism

OCT 22, 23, 28 & 29th 8:30 pm (Post-show discussion Oct 28th)
SAFEHOUSE for the ARTS | 1200 Market St., San Francisco
Tickets: $15 > TICKETFLY
Advance tickets strongly recommended due to limited audience sizes!
There is very limited seating for this performance.
Audience will stand and move throughout the piece.

WRECKED 3.0  is a hypnotic meditation on the residue of grief, displacement, and how we haunt and are haunted by the real and imagined worlds in which we dwell, and which dwell within us.  

Kraft draws from her own stranger-than-fiction experiences in the process of making WRECKED 3.0 to examine the precarious Mobius process of being possessed by the subject one’s art. Re-imagining the original tradition of haunted houses, WRECKED 3.0  is an exorcism of the ghosts conjured in the process of its own creation.

WRECKED 3.0 features innovative new techniques Kraft has developed and coined including “Live Photoshop” and “Live Mis en Abyme,” featuring an artful fusion of window reflections, multiple interior and exterior spaces, mirrors, live and recorded multimedia and audience/ performer/ site interactivity. This creates a ghostly, prismatic maze of bilocated indoor/outdoor and virtual/physical worlds. What the viewer perceives constantly shifts depending on their physical location and where their attention is drawn. Looking through a different window or cinematic frame in the same room provides not only a different perspective but may reveal entirely new information, highlighting the impossibility of ever perceiving the totality of a situation, story or experience- or even the room we are in.

WRECKED 3.0  is being created specifically for, and in response, to the mid-Market corridor in which it takes place- including SAFEhouse for the Arts, the infamously ‘haunted’ Hotel Whitcomb,  and the surrounding Market Street/ Civic Center BART neighborhood that is emblematic of the collision between San Francisco’s past, present and future. WRECKED 3.0 also features ongoing time-lapse video of durational live performance in this neighborhood, in collaboration with the concurrent site-specific project “Summer, Winter, Spring”, directed by Ian Winters of The Milkbar and in collaboration with Kinetech Arts.

WRECKED 3.0 is a new chapter of the ongoing, multi-year project WRECKED, which examines themes of failure, collapse, depression, microcosmic and macrocosmic parallels of unsustainable paradigms and practices on both personal and global/ systemic levels.

These themes are particularly powerful in the context of what is currently happening in the Bay area- extreme socioeconomic stratification, art vs commerce, and the increasing tensions around displacement and the living ghosts that haunt our own city.



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